Recent Service Disruption

The College’s continued commitment to transparency

As part of the College’s ongoing commitment to transparency, a Message from the Registrar and CEO was distributed to members last month advising of a service disruption that occurred from August 24-29 that affected email communication and access to the member portal and Online Register.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our members and appreciated your understanding during the resumption of services. As previously mentioned, there was no indication that a data breach occurred during this service disruption. The College remains vigilant in protecting your confidential information and committed, as one of our strategic priorities, to maximizing technology in the work of the College.

If you emailed the College during the service disruption, we strongly advise that you confirm your email was received by the appropriate department or individual.

At the College, we strive for clear, timely and open communication with our members and stakeholders. We will continue our commitment to transparency in recognition of our mandate to protect the public interest.