The Importance of Remaining Competent in Your Practice: <br/>The CCP

The Importance of Remaining Competent in Your Practice:

As social workers and social service workers, you are required to complete the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) on an annual basis in order to remain current in your practice.

Your completion of the CCP is one of the ways you demonstrate to the public your commitment to professional, ethical, qualified and accountable practice.

CCP Now More User-Friendly

The revised CCP is now easier to complete, requires fewer steps and helps you manage your ongoing learning throughout the year.

The CCP continues to take a self-directed, adult-learning approach which allows for flexibility in completion of professional development activities. You will still have time to complete your 2017 CCP to ensure you continue to meet these important professional obligations.

What If I’m Not Practising?

Whether you’re a new graduate and not currently practising or off on leave, you are still required to participate in the CCP on an annual basis. You must complete the Declaration of Participation in the CCP when you renew your membership. It’s important for you to continually enhance your competence for when you return to practice. 

Note: Members who plan to apply for the new retired class of certificate of registration in 2018 are still required to complete their CCP for 2017.

Additional Requirements for the 2017 CCP

Completing your CCP on an annual basis also includes reviewing other required documents posted for that CCP year. As part of the 2017 CCP, you are required to review the articleMedical Assistance in Dying: What are My Professional Obligations?” along with your annual review of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Handbook.

Click here to access the CCP documents.

Please note: Recent amendments to the Registration Regulation allow the College to request information and documents related to a member’s CCP at any time.

Coming Soon! CCP Video

The College is in the process of developing an educational video to assist members in understanding and completing the CCP. Students, employers and other stakeholders may also use this video to better understand how members of the College ensure they remain professional, ethical, qualified and accountable.

For more information about the Continuing Competence Program, call 416-972-9882 ext. 419 or email